Heya, I'm Fred!

I lead teams who design value into engaging experiences for mission-driven organizations.

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From an early age, I embarked on a journey into design. Growing up surrounded by artists and business professionals, I developed a profound appreciation for the useful of the creative process in business endeavors. As I entered college, this background led me study design, psychology, and computer science, driven curiosity to understand the interplay between people and technology. Upon graduating, I entered into the dynamic field of web and mobile design, a perfect fit for my desire to bring human factors, technology, and design together. As the years have passed, my pasion has only deepend, compelling me to share design with others. Fueled by my dedication to leadership and mentorship, I assumed the role of Director at the School of Interaction & UI/UX Design within the Academy of Art in San Francisco. This position enables me to guide and empower both emerging and seasoned product designers, while remaining actively engaged in the design practice. As a mentor, I offer coaching, career advice, interview preparation, and portfolio reviews. Additionally, I channel my expertise into crafting innovative product experiences. Beyond design, I lead an active lifestyle, enjoy travel, and learning languages. 안녕하세요!

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